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Kathy Shankle - Director 

Originally from Pontiac, Michigan, Kathy's love of skating started on wheels when she began roller skating at age 6. She went on to become a Regional Silver Medalist and national competitor.


After several years as a registered Roller Skating Association® instructor at a local roller rink, Kathy began double-duty as a roller skating and ice skating instructor when the ice rink at Eastdale Mall opened in 1977.


Eventually, the ice won out; K Lynn Ice Skating School was formed in 1993.


A certified member of the Ice Sports Industry®, Kathy has been teaching for over 27 years, is a Gold-level competition judge and referee, and has received the ISI District Merit Award for 1999 and 2003.

Linda Lee - Coach 

An Atlanta, Georgia transplant, Linda also has her roots in roller skating (she was a Gold-level competition judge and instructor).


Linda crossed over to the "ice side" when she oversaw the opening of the Eastdale Mall ice rink and then managed it for 15 years.


As an ISI member and certified competition judge for going on 31 years, Linda looks forward to helping each year's new students achieve their goals with enthusiasm and firm guidelines.

Kim Waites - Coach

Kim is an Ice Sports Industry® Bronze-level certified instructor and competition judge who got her start in skating at K Lynn Skating School as a 10-year-old student.


She continued skating until moving away to attend college.


After earning her Personal/Athletics Training degree from Jacksonville State University in 2007, Kim returned to Montgomery and began coaching at K Lynn.

Mitzi Fleming - Coach 

An Ice Sports Industry® Silver-level certified instructor and competition judge, Mitzi has been skating since Eastdale Mall first opened the ice rink in 1977.


In addition to her love of ice skating, Mitzi is also a registered Medical Radiation Technologist and holds a 5th degree Black belt in martial arts.


Her two children enjoy ice skating as well, and have participated with Mitzi in K Lynn ice shows.

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